Hi 👋, Im Greg!
I build software solutions for Edge and IoT. 


Recent Employment and Education

  • Aug 2021 - Now

    ESF Engineer

    Software Engineer working on the Eclipse Kura open source project, and on ESF.
    - Contributed Container Orchestrator to Kura
    - Released a IEC61850 driver for ESF

  • Sep 2017 - Dec 2022

    Graduated University Of Ottawa

    Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Engineering with CO-OP. Finished with Magna Cum Laude distinction.

    • May 2021 - Aug 2021

      S/W Engineer Intern

      Investigated the decomposition of a monolithic software solution to a microservices.

    • Sep 2020 - Dec 2020

      IoT and Edge Evangelist

      Independently developed novel experiences which showcase Eclipse technology. All can be found on the Eclipse Foundation youtube page. Check out my projects:

    • Jan 2020 - Apr 2020

      Junior Software Engineer

      Worked as a developer for two different Ross Video products. Some of the various technologies used include Java-OSGi and React-Native.

    • May 2019 - Aug 2019

      Internship in the field of human-robot-collaboration

      Developed a series of web services which allowed for the aggregation and
      storage of output from robot/IOT devices, and the distribution of these
      outputs to various parties securely though blockchain technologies.

    Personal Projects

    Collection of some of my a projects and interests.


    Bad Cactus Studios

    A self-run small business dedicated to creating games and apps for mobile platforms. 

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